Prayer is an essential part of Christian life.


Every Sunday


There is always opportunity before and after the service to receive prayer or pray for other people.

1st Weds Monthly

Small Groups

In different locations around Perth our church gathers at 6:30pm to pray for one another, the city, our nation and the world.

Find a location near you


Whole Church

Every quarter the whole church gathers to pray.

If you would like the elders to pray for you, send them an email with the details and when they get together on Thursday mornings they will pray for you.



  • For Relationship: God is our Father, so it is natural and good to talk to our Dad.
  • It’s Necessary: We REALLY need God’s help. We pray to communicate our needs.
  • It Builds Faith: When we see God answer prayer, it builds our faith in Him.
  • It Releases Power: We have little power to get things done, but God enables us to do what He has made us for!
  • It Adjusts Our Heart: We can easily get caught up in our own lives, self-importance and problems. When we pray, we thank God for what He has done and seek His will and ways for our lives. We begin to want what He wants for our lives.
  • Reconciliation: We desire God’s forgiveness and God’s help to forgive others. Prayer acts as a vehicle for reconciling with God and with other people.